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Roast Poussin with Tarragon Butter
Roast Poussin
6 Poussin (Size 4)
1 serve tarragon butter
salt, for seasoning
Tarragon Butter
80g Western Star Salted Butter
60g Cream Cheese
7g garlic, peeled and finley chopped
2g tarragon leaves, chopped
1 lemon
20g Dijon Mustard
1g sea salt flakes
1g cracked pepper
Western Star Salted Butter
Roast Poussin
Remove poussin from packaging and discard necks and feathers.
Loosen skin from breasts and force 15g of tarragon butter under skin, over breast. Truss legs to shape chicken. Rub remaining tarragon butter and salt over chicken.
Roast in preheated oven at 180°C until cooked (approximately 20 - 25 minutes).
Remove from oven, remove trussing and serve whole or cut into pieces.
Tarragon Butter
Soften Western Star Butter and cream cheese in mixer.
Add garlic to butter/cream cheese mixture.
Add tarragon, lemon juice and rind and mustard to mix.
Season with sea salt and cracked pepper.
Tip :
Serve with Roast Potatoes, Minted Peas, Buttered Asparagus, Bubble and Squeak and Demi Glace.

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