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Low Fat
What is a low fat diet?
A low fat diet is basically a healthy balanced diet, which includes a wide variety of foods. This type of diet may also be known as a ‘healthy heart diet’, a ‘cholesterol diet’ and even a ‘weight loss diet’.
People are on this diet to follow healthy dietary principles, which represent general dietary guidelines set out by the government.
Other requirements for this diet include managing weight, a heart condition or a digestive concern.
A low fat diet includes:
* Plenty of fruits and vegetables, legumes, wholegrain breads and cereals, including rice, pasta and noodles
* Lean meat, fish, poultry – preferably with the fat and poultry skin removed
* Milk, yogurt and cheese – preferably reduced fat varieties
Tips to minimise added fats from dairy food in cooking
- Use reduced fat or skim milk, instead of regular milk
- Add yoghurt as an accompaniment, natural yoghurt with a savoury dish and a low fat fruited or vanilla yoghurt variety for a dessert/sweet
- Substitute reduced fat cream or light sour cream, instead of regular cream or sour cream
- Use a reduced fat cheese in cooking instead of regular cheese
- Brush milk on filo pastry and pastry – instead of using oil or other fat
- Serve desserts with custard, light ice cream, low fat or skim yoghurt
- Use a hard cheese with a robust flavour, so that a smaller amount adds a boost of flavour
- Choose mozzarella cheese which is naturally a reduced fat cheese

What is the risk if a person does not eat low fat food?
Some people may experience gastro-like effects, but generally people will not have any immediate side effects or concerns. The main issue is that patrons may not be satisfied if their expectations are not met and they receive a higher fat choice, instead of a low fat one.
It is recommended to discuss the meal ordered and what modifications are planned to make the meal a lower fat option. Often this is quite easy, eg: such as serving the dressing on the side, serving a jacket potato instead of chips.
What Fonterra products are available to cater for a low fat diet?
Click the link below to download the list.
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