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What is a Kosher diet?
According to Kosher Australia Pty Ltd, the term ‘Kosher’ means ‘proper’ or ‘fit’. Food that is kosher is considered ‘clean’ and is suitable to serve to a patron who follows a kosher diet.
Why are people on a Kosher diet?
Kosher is a Jewish practice, derived from ‘dietary laws’ (kashurt) formed more than 2,000 years ago. As food forms a vital part of Jewish religion, it is imperative that kosher guidelines are strictly adhered too.
How do you distinguish a ‘kosher’ food from a ‘non-kosher’ food?
According to Jewish dietary laws there are three groups of restricted items. Click the link below to download the inclusion and exclusions list in PDF format.
pdf file Kosher - Restricted Items
Other- Eggs and plants are referred to as ‘parve’ (neutral) and may be mixed with either meat or dairy products.
Kosher is quite a complicated diet with many food types not suitable to serve to a patron who follows a strict Kosher diet. It is suggested that the diet and level of adherence be discussed with the patron prior to preparation and supply of the meal.
What Fonterra products are suitable to include in a Kosher diet?
No Fonterra products have Kosher approval by the Kashrut Authority, however, milk and other milk products from ‘kosher’ animals including cows’ milk, yoghurt and some cheese which use non-animal rennet, may be permitted. Refer to the attached - "Fonterra list of Kosher suitable products".
pdf file Fonterra list of Kosher Suitable Products

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